A modern-day urban fantasy by Alex Pearl

Introduction by George Layton, actor,
screenwriter and author of bestsellers,
The Fib, The Swap and The Trick


Alex approached me some while ago with his manuscript, which I agreed to read and thoroughly enjoyed.

The story, which is a kind of whimsical, modern-day fairy tale that features a cast of colourful characters, touches on important issues like bullying, poor parenting and homelessness. But it does so in a non-threatening and engaging way.

The book’s central character, Roy Nuttersley is a young, ungainly lad who hasn’t had the best start in life. His parents are nothing short of hideous, and to make matters worse, he is plagued by school bullies led by the thoroughly unpleasant  Harry Hodges. Despite his hardships, Roy finds time to feed the birds in his garden, and by way of a thank you, the birds hatch a series of cunning plans to help their new friend. But, like so many things in life, these go horribly wrong and the lives of both Roy and Harry are turned upside down – but in a surprisingly good way.

George Layton


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  • “What an entrancing story. A real flight of fancy which will engage children in the plot and, at the same time, increase their understanding of real human relationships.”


  • “Wonderful images and thought-provoking scenes.”

    Bramwell Tovey
    Grammy Award-winning composer and broadcaster

  • “A delightful fairy story that deals sensitively and compellingly with real, modern-day issues like homelessness, single mums and abusive parents.”

    George Layton
    Actor, screenwriter and author of bestsellers, The Fib, The Swap and The Trick

  • “The strength of the author’s voice held me captivated long after turning the last page. With the wit of JK Rowling, Alex Pearl has definitely earned his place in the young adult fiction hall of fame. His fantasy broaches the subjects of homelessness, child adoption, bullying, injustice, and the cruelty of abusive parents, all issues with which the youth of today live. There is a moral lesson for each of Pearl’s characters to learn. Through a marvellous turn of events, each character is rewarded with the right ending. Bravo, Alex Pearl!”

    Lisa McCombs
    Readers’ Favorite

  • “The story skips along at a lively pace, the characters are lifelike and believable, and it manages to address important issues such as poor parenting, bullying and homelessness in an accessible, non-intimidating way. It would make excellent bedtime reading and the climax in particular is packed full of images which I can imagine staying in a child’s dreamy head for a long time.”

    Chris Chalmers
    Award-winning author of Five to One and the highly acclaimed Light From Other Windows

  • “Beautifully written, poignant and magical, Alex Pearl’s writing style flows with the hand of a seasoned veteran. It pulls you in and never lets go. The ending is particularly rich and satisfying, and it shows that even the smallest things can trigger countless events, and no one is beyond redemption.”

    Patrick Hodges
    Author of Joshua’s Island

  • “Alex Pearl has written a tale that is heartening and funny with the appeal of a Twain-like children’s adventure.”

    Len Baker
    Suburb News

  • “Towards the end I could hardly put the book down. It shows how important children are to their parents and the changes that an adult goes through because of us.”

    Rebecka Salmon, aged 13

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